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    Default Documentation Requirement for ferry travel

    Does anyone know if ferriesdelcaribe requires a passport to board a ferry (and disembark) from PR to DR? I called the state department and they said that a passport is not required for travel within the carribean by sea but that individual companies may have their own requirements.

    I dont have my birth certificate with me; my wife actually has a copy with her in the DR as I gave her one to keep while we wait for immigration interview. I will have my birth certificate at the port for arrival in Santo Domingo and on my return trip but I will not have it with me when I leave from Mayaguez PR.

    I tried calling the number on the website but nobody answered any of the numbers and have I sent an email as well. If anyone here has solid info (based on ferriesdelcaribe document requirements and not state dept requirements) to give to me it would be greatly appreciated.

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    According to this poster posted on their website you dont need a passport but give them a call at (787) 832-4800


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