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    I know there was some talk awhile back about the expat community creating "action" groups to make a difference in their community/urbanizacion/barrio or but I was wondering if that was because the expats feel like the locals won't accept them or some other reason.

    I went to our local junta de vecinos meeting and they have some pretty good goals which they think they can obtain becasue of the credentials the juntas have. For example, they were able to meet with the Corasaan Engineers to have them fix a damaged water line - whci was no small feat given the general irresponsiveness of the gov't. here.

    Our goals we will be working on soon are meeting with Edenorte to put more transformers in our area and to quit sending us the "low voltage" power that causes damage to equipment, Ayuntamiento to be more prompt with the trash collection, Police for more patrols, etc.

    Heck, they even want me to go along to the Edenorte meeting. I'm really looking forward to it because those sob's are a real piece of work in my opinion. I can't wait until they tell me that our sector is important to them to then ask them why it took 20 days to come fix a downed power line!

    Anyway, I would like to recommend that people attend the local junta meetings if at all possible and if there aren't any to form one - even if they are mostly expats - because apparently that's one effective way to cause change where one lives.

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    Default Nice

    Nice that you're getting involved with the juntas. They make differences in small but important ways and are usually supported by politicians looking for votes.
    Depends on which juntas, who is involved, etc.
    I would encourage that type of action wherever anyone may be.
    Much better than bitching as an individual 'extranjero' which goes nowhere.

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    AMEN to both posts above!!

    Isn't this what was being said a few weeks ago (yet again) - it is better to work WITH the local community & use THEIR strength to get things done? Okay, sometimes it might take a little longer & one may have to bitch a few times in reminding the committee members etc., but this form of ation group is FAR superior than the "I am a gringo group so I KNOW how things should be done" attitude.

    The only problem with Junta de vicinos is the need to speak Spanish! In our area many of the residents speak pretty good English & it would be easy to get one of them to translate for me ........... but I would NEVER allow myself to insult the majority by not trying to understand what they say in their own language!! ~ Grahame.

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    granito a granito llena la gallina el buche.

    (not the true translation) Little by little things can get better. CHip that sounds great, it would be wonderful if more communities would do that, imagine how much better things would be??? Actually I know that in many places people do get together and go visit the representatives of the areas but sometimes I believe they don't have enough evidence or are not well organized to take things to the end.

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    Kudos to you primo, I think that's great, participatory Democracy.


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