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Thread: HGV Puerto Plata - Thank you Planner / ISARIA Tours

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    Default HGV Puerto Plata - Thank you Planner / ISARIA Tours

    Unfortunately the thread for the HGV has been closed and thus I can not post this on there which is unfortunate as it would be the most appropriate place.

    We have just returned from the hotel and whilst the end of our holiday was a disaster (last day accident) the rest was superb, our only criticism being the hotel food and apathy from CERTAIN reps. The bar staff made our stay and wow those guys and Gal (yes gal only lady bar staff member we met) are worth getting to know, so kind and they go out of there way to make you feel welcome ( I say give them the reps jobs lol )

    As for the many people who doubted Planners existence on the HGV thread let me tell you she is real and we honestly say the kindest person we have ever had the fortune to meet, our afternoon with her was by far the best and better than any organized trip and with out the cost, just a lunch which was our pleasure and superb at Armandos (we went again after meeting planner and on our own it was that good and we were treated like royalty)

    Had many of you taken the time to ask Planner her real name and asked for her at the hotel by her real name then you would not have been left standing like idiots not able to find her lol. Blimey I have seen handles here that make me laugh so hard and lets be honest would you really go and ask at reception where you could find wally bumcrack, no you would get a real name first wouldnt you, wouldnt you? Oh please say you would; get my point? (oops hope there isnt a bumcrack on here lol)

    Any way, again Planner (D) your the best and thank you. If by chance the hotel read this then if you make one good decision let it be you allow Planner back on site, she is by far a better ambassador for you than any of the First Choice or Signature reps working on yours and our behalfs. Oh and one last thing Martin Espinal from Isaria Tours, this guy and company are superb. We have always been a wecome meeting book your trips type family but took a gamble and booked in advance with Martin, not only did we save money but we had a better service than those who booked with the tour operators.

    If your off on your hols have a great time. Just contact Planner, ask her real name and get in touch with her and see just how nice she is and visit the real Dominican Republic with her guidance.

    The Lusky family
    PS any spelling mistakes I am sorry for. Im home, tired and still on Dominican Republic time.

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    Hey you guys were out there when we were. We met Planner the week after you & ended up at an Irish Bar in Puerto Plata! I would echo all your comments about planner. She is one lovely lady & made us very welcome!

    I already conveyed my disappointment with the management about her exclusion from the site & they totally blanked me. Denied knowing who I was talking about!

    Anyway, there is another thread for the HV should you wish to contribute or catch up & it is on

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    Thanks for all your nice comments! I love showing people around when I can. Make sure you let me know when you are heading back this way.

    And thank you both (and many others) for bringing down school supplies. they are greatly appreciated.


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