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    Default I need a good Dominican Spanish teacher?

    Having lived here almost a year now, the level of my understanding and ability to speak the native language is extremely poor.... I am just outside Sabaneta and don't want to have to travel too far on a regular basis - obviously Cabarete would be okay or even Sosua if I must. Evening classes are no good as I don't drive after dark. Can someone make some recommendations with contact numbers and location please? Just for the record I am English.

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    Some tips on how you can improve yourself:

    Read books in Spanish (maybe a book you have read before in English)
    === doesn't matter you understand 2 out of 20 words - just KEEP reading even if you don't undertand. And under NO circumstances, never use dictionary! The "understanding" will come by itself. You can try to begin with some simple books, stories, or even children's books. They are written in simple language.

    Watch TV - news in Spanish (they use simple and clear language and speak slowly)
    - novelas (they use simple language)
    - other TV shows that run English subtitles (you read the subtitles, but your subconsciousness takes in the spoken language as well, and associates the words you hear with the words you read.

    And just speak, speak, speak, and listen, listen, listen
    It doesn't matter you don't understand much. Just do it.

    I know what I talk about. Worked for me learning 2 languages (English and Spanish), and worked for other people as well. I was given this advice many many years ago by my distant aunt who teaches English in Prague.
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