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    Default Fiance visa or husband visa

    Hi there,

    My Dominican partner and I are thinking about getting married Christmas, however, I want to know if he is more likely to get a visa as my fiance or my husband and how long we can expect to wait for a decision.

    When he went to see his brother in Germany a few years ago he took his papers and was given an answer the same day. Can we wait at the english embassy(?) for an answer the same day.

    Although we are keen to marry, there is no rush to do it at christmas other than this will be the first holiday where all my family will be together and we felt that it would make sense from a financial point of view.

    Any advice/information will be greatly received.

    Thank you.

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    I know you all mean well but please keep in mind that this is the visa forum under the legal section. Please stick to question asked and if you have any relationship advice do it by PM.


    To the original poster, in case you don't have the website here it is Information For Sponsors UKvisas

    and anyone that has gone through the process will post here with suggestions on which type of visa is best and the length of time involved.

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    Oop yes sorry Anna,

    To the op look here

    Home UKvisas, but for a more up to date situation I would contact your local MP's office in the UK. No-one can predict how long it will take due to the sensitive situation in the UK now. I would think of course it would be easier if you are married, but that is not a good way to start married life. Good luck


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