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    Default Maternity Leave...

    Hello...I am just looking for some information...I am a Canadian woman who will be taking a Canadian contract to work in the DR. I was just wondering if anyone knew if/when I get pregnant, if I will be eligible to collect maternity benefits if I continue to leave in the DR...Just wondering if anyone has had any experience in the matter...Thanks in advance !

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    If you are working in the Dominican Republic, it stands to reason that you will be covered under the Dominican Labor Code, no matter who you are working for.
    As a result you would get three months maternity leave (paid) in case of pregnancy.
    I suppose you meant "live" rather than "leave?"

    And there are a ton of labor lawyers that would drool over such a case, if things did not break like I said.....


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    However even if you are working on a Canadian contract you will not be eligible for the EI maternity leave (which is a good deal longer than the 3 month DR leave).
    One must be living in Canada to collect unemployment benefits such as maternity leave. (too bad they didn't have EI maternity leave when I was having my children- I worked up to and including the day I had them and then back to work 7-14 days after!!!)

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    Default It's a 12 weeks period ...


    as all other had said the dominican labor code will rule if you work here (some employers may give you something better, but that's up to them)...

    The maternity leave in DR is a 12 weeks period (I'm on my maternity leave right now and I'm sure about it) ... what I did is that i took my vacations (14 days) just after my leave so I would stay a bit longer with my baby...

    There aren't any special bonuses or anything (at least, not yet)...

    Anyway, I think you should check with your employer, so you would know for sure, but you are entitled to these 12 weeks for sure!



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