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    Default Looking to relocate in Cabarete. Schools etc.

    I am looking to relocate to Cabarete in the near future. I am presently in Santo Domingo. Are there any members who reside in the area who could give me some specific information or suggestions. My wife and 2 girls 13,14 yrs. are Dominican but speak english also. I am particularly looking for private schools for the 2 girls and schools for further education or courses in Computers and Languages for all 3 of them. Any good doctors etc. ( always a must for Dominicans ). nuff.said...Any suggestions as to other services I might require would be appreciated. Will I have to go to Sosua or P.P. to find them.. Many Thanks in advance.. M.

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    There are many good schools in the area. My girls attend The International School in Sosua and have attended The Learning Centre just outside of Cabarete. Both are good schools. I largely switched schools due to the convenience of The International School (I live 2mins away) and the fact that their facilities were a lot better, though I have to say it is a lot more expensive! I believe the Learning Centre teaches in English up to a certain age and then switches to Spanish, but you'll have to double check. There are school buses which run from both schools going backwards and fowards between Cabarete and Sosua. The Garden Kids School in Sosua also gets very good reports (though I'm not sure which age Garden Kids goes up to currently....). If you carry out searches on all three of these schools using the search function you'll find a wealth of information and I have previously written some long posts on this subject myself.

    I also understand that the Louis Hess Collegio (I believe I've spelt it correctly) based in the centre of Sosua has a very good reputation. I believe they teach soley in Spanish.

    Feel free to PM me if you require any further info.


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