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    Default Expecting our 3rd

    I check in here every blue moon or so but will try to be more regular again. Anyways, Yesenia and I are expecting our 3rd child to be born in March. Relationships do work out but takes time, cultural acclimation, and hard work like in any marriage. Been married 3.5 years now and life is full and great. I have no time for anything since I work during the day, and then watch the boys who are now 11months, and 4.5, when Yesenia works at her job from like 5-11pm. Oh by the way, we're visiting Sajoma from Oct 17-29 to see family and we try to visit 1-2 times a year now. Those trying to make relationships work, it's hard being from the same country let alone another but besides the cultural differences, it's the same. I do recommend getting either Satellite or Cable with Spanish Channels. Yesenia would go crazy without her telenovelas: Codigo Postal, Tropico, etc. Take care.

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    Congratulations Howie

    All the best to you and your family.


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