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Thread: Canadian Medal of Bravery

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    Default Canadian Medal of Bravery

    Congratulations to Krista Maria Wall(Mia) for being awarded the Medal of Bravery. This is from the Governor Generals' web site:

    Krista Maria Wall,
    Medal of Bravery

    On January 5, 2005, while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, Krista Wall attempted to rescue an 11-year-old boy from drowning during an excursion on the Damajagua River. Realizing that the boy had been missing for several minutes and was most likely trapped in a strong whirlpool under a waterfall, Ms. Wall, although not a strong swimmer, tied a rope around her waist and plunged into the turbulent waters. She groped around in the rushing water until she felt the childís hand. She tried unsuccessfully to reach out to him, all the while fighting the undertow pulling her down. As she resurfaced to catch her breath, the young victimís lifeless body emerged to the surface. Bystanders pulled them both out of the water but, sadly, efforts to revive the young boy were in vain.

    To read about Mia's efforts see Mia's page on Remembering Adam Vitaterna August 27,1993 to January 5th,2005

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    Unhappy RIP Adam

    What an incredibly brave woman!!!

    It's hard to imagine that all the men there stood around and did nothing.

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    Rest in peace Amigo!
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    For anyone who may not know, Cheetah is Adam's father.

    It makes his posting just that much more poignant, IMHO.



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