Im hoping someone can help me with this one as were about to tear our hair out.

Weve had a Centennial pre-paid cell for four weeks now and at first everything was fine. Then, one day two weeks ago we were suddenly unable to call Newfoundland - area code 709. We can call anywhere else in the US or Canada, but not to 709. As well, no one in area code 709 can call us on our cell - either from a cell or land line. Repeated calls to tech support at Centennial havent been any help. We get assurances that someone will look into it and to try the phone in two or four hours, but nothing ever works.

Anyone have any suggestions on getting this to work? It would be much appreciated!

PS. Its possible to call a landline or cell phone in Newfoundland from a land line here, just not our - or others - Centennial prepaid phones.