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    Default Internet Options for a Condo complex


    I need some advice on internet access for a 60 unit condo complex (located in Cabarete east).

    The per unit fees we are currently being quoted seem rather high, and I would like to know what our options are.

    Our preference is a wireless solution to keep the installation simple for owners.

    Does Codatel allow running a single business line into a complex, and re-distribution through wireless? Any idea of monthly costs?

    What about Satellite? What does a business connection go for?

    From other condo owners - did the condo association purchase the wireless infrastructure - or did you lease it? If purchased, do you have any problems with maintenance?


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    Default wi fi internet

    Dear wstrange, I know a couple of people who supply wi fi internet in the Caberete area. They did a project in a complex in Caberete east. The installation fees were met by the tennants/builders and monthly costs are about 850pesos if they get the full complex and 1500 if its on an individual basis. you can telephone Miguel on 8098682750 for more info. hope this helps


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