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    Quote Originally Posted by PICHARDO View Post
    Ok... So since January 2008 until now July 2019, you now want to switch the reason the DR will collapse based on being held up by remittances?????

    Again, a decade of proven track records and you can't just admit you were wrong!
    Dead wrong!

    Don't worry! it's 2019, soon we will accumulate another decade on this very thread and over verify your lot is and still will be wrong!
    Does the American economy depend on remittances?

    Does the average American family await a monthly cash payment to sustain them on a monthly basis?

    The answer is obviously NO!!!

    If the Dominican Economy is as great as you always say, we would have seen by now a major reduction in the amount of remittances sent there. If the Dominican Economy was as great as you say, we would have seen a reverse migration of the amount of Dominicans living and working in the US heading back to work in a country where millions of good paying jobs would have been created. None of this is happening. The hundreds of thousands living in the US remain working in the US.

    There is no statistic that could be used as evidence to prove your thesis. You show some development here and there. It is insufficient to lure back the hundreds of thousands living in the US to come back. It is insufficient to cause the families living in the DR to refuse the paltry remittance amounts they receive on a monthyl basis. It is logical to assume that if they were benefiting from what you declare growth, they would have no need of remittance money.

    Remittance money is proof of the poor economic productivity of a nation. It proves that a particular nation is unable to keep its citizens from emigrating abroad. Whatever you show as proof of economic growth is invalid. Dominicans continue to immigrate to the US for economic reasons. The ones left behind, many millions of them, depend on those life support monthly payments. That convinces no one of what you purport to be economic growth.

    Whatever you have shown in the last ten years has done nothing to radically transform the DR economy from a remittance receiver to a non-remittance needer. Those developments, constructions, bond offerings benefits a few at the top and a meager few at the bottom from the creation of subsistence wages. Wages that are so pitifully low that the workers can scarcely afford transportation to go and come back from work. After transportation costs, other basic necessities are barely met and any luxuries are a pipe dream.

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    And that’s the best answer you have to all these years of proven facts????

    Go figure!
    One Dominican at a time please!

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