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Thread: Provincial Work Visa

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    Default Provincial Work Visa

    Hello I just had a goverment worker in here and he told me that if you apply for a work visa through the Saskatchewan goverment, that if the person from Domincan can score higher then 35 points (which is very easy), that there is a 95 percent success rate. They do have to be sponsored from a reputablile company that signs off on there language skills. Has anyone tried this, or could give me some input.

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    Default tried it

    Hi a company in the city I ive just sponsired 44 immigrants to work at there plant through the governement program. I went to talk to them about helping my husband but it took over a year to get teh process done and the company has to apply for more than one immigrant at a time adn they company has to prove that there is no one in Saskatchewan who can do the job. It sounds good on their web site but in reality I am very sceptical about it, there is a lot of red tape.


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