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Thread: Canadian immigration stories/experiences for publication

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    Default Canadian immigration stories/experiences for publication

    I am a Canadian journalist who lived in the DR for 7 years. Now in Canada, I am putting together a series of articles on the immigration process to Canada. Will be hooking the stories on DR-to-Canada examples, while touching on the rest of the world. The Canadian immigration and citizenship ministry has been contacted, and is aware of my intentions. It will be largely first-person but also want to get input from others who have had good/bad experiences with the process from start to finish. Anyone interested in sharing, you could PM me.

    Much obliged.

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    Default interesting!!

    this sounds great, this way the minister of immigration will be able to see (or at least someone close to him) all the problems that the Dominicans have with the immigration process.......I just started my application, I hope it goes well, thanks


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