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    Question Santo Domingo: Need a recommendation, PC Tech?

    Hi all,

    I am myself a computer technician with many years of experience. But the help is for my father, who is in Santo Domingo at the moment. He bought a brand new HP machine (Vista H.E) which is not booting up. He states his monitor does not come on at all and the PC itself is beeping. It could possibly be a graphics card issue, maybe just needs to be reseated. But I can't verify anything from 3,000+ miles away in New Jersey. He basically has no idea what he's doing and doesn't trust any of my cousins' friends to mess with it ( I don't either). So I would like to know does anyone know of a reliable Tech company/individual that does house calls (he's in the Arroyo Hondo section). Your help/input would be appreciated. Its either that, or he's going to have to pay for my flight Which of course I don't mind.



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    The folks at Distribuidora Universal, which is not too far away (near Quisqueya stadium) were always very good to me, but I also bought my PC there. I don't know whether they service anyone's, but he could try asking for Edward del Villar (if he's still working there) who may then be persuaded to make a private call.
    Distribuidora Universal S.A.


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