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    Question *MOM needs help (Santiago or La Vega)

    Hello everyone,

    This is Mary.

    I was soo pleased to read how individuals can reach out to DR1 for help and information that I decided to present my situation.

    HERE IT IS...

    I'm a proud mom of 3 beautiful teenagers.
    Recently my spouse was diagnosed with a rare & advanced sarcoma cancer.
    Due to that reason, I want to send my children to live with relatives (aunts, uncles & cousins) in Santiago for a year, from July 2007 to June 2008.

    Caring for a very ill person and attending the children's needs is quite a challenge. Every single day, I have to take my husband for radiation.
    Soon, he'll be getting chemo via IV weekly in NYC.

    It's not easy to see a man's health deteriorating day by day.
    My children are suffering, it's not fair to them to see their dad like this.

    I've reached out to relatives and they are willing to help.

    I'm hoping to find a wonderful school that English speaking adolescents (9,10,11th grade) who are serious about their education could attend. I want my children to have a great academic & cultural experience. The children wish to attend higher education in the US, the school must be accredited. If I have to get them a residence in another province, I'm willing to relocate family.

    Please share experiences, opinions or contacts with me.

    My family there can't help much, all their children are grown & gone.

    Blessings to all & I hope to get some responses soon.

    creator of Manitas Por Autismo (educational website)
    Link to website Manitas por Autismo
    Spanish language website about AUTISM

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    Mary, it would need to be private schools. Start working through this thread and then come back and ask more specific questions.

    Do the children speak Spanish?

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    Mary, I had osteosarcoma in 1983 on my right leg, if I can help you in any way let me know. As you can see I am still around and in that time I was given 6 months to leave. I know for my own experienc the impotence you might feel, have faith!!! ans do the best you can, and more that anything let out your feeling, youn don have to pretent to be superwoman we are humans! I wish the best for you family and feel free to contact me. [email protected]

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    "I was soo pleased to read how individuals can reach out to DR1 for help and information that I decided to present my situation."

    Best wishes all around.


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    With those limitations, I would say that your only option would be Santiago Christian School. You will most likely have to talk personally with the director in order to see how you can lower costs (probably in the neighborhood of $12-15,000 for the three kids). However, it is accredited by the Southern Association, and they only teach in English.

    If you want something bi-lingual, you could look at New Horizons, Holy Trinity, Saint David. I do not know if there is anything similar in La Vega.

    All the schools I mentioned are in Santiago.

    May the Good Lord give you strength..



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