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    Default New Presidente bottle??

    Has anyone seen these (aluminum Presidente bottles)? I saw this on another board so I can't take credit for finding it.

    There are some date ambiguities in the press release so I am unsure if this is old and fizzled or if it has yet to happen. They also glow when exposed to black light (uv) and the ad campaign is supposed to be centred aropund the phrase calling them U-glow.

    Full press release is at:

    CCL Container: Presidente



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    Okay, here's a comment -- Cerveceria Nacional is thinking of switching away from its longstanding commitment to refillable glass to aluminum, which is not recycled in the DR?

    Yeah, I know, lighter to transport (fuel savings for trucks) and carry, less water used (don't have to wash glass bottles), less breakage and probably quicker to chill (which colmados and bars doubtless like), but from a waste management point-of-view, troublesome unless a concerted (and successful) collection campaign is launched. [Wonder what the treatment under CAFTA is for aluminum scrap exports from the DR?]

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    Default Good Thing

    Quote Originally Posted by FireGuy View Post
    Has anyone seen these (aluminum Presidente bottles)?
    Hmm, I haven't seen one yet.

    But I think they could become very popular and would no longer litter the environment....

    IF THEY HAD the oldfashioned German type of 'Porzellan-Buegelverschluss'....


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    Every now and then we see these in the market. They are usually for special promotions.


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