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    Default motor damage from propane

    Can anyone explain the damage done to a motor by using propane. Is it just the valves (heads)? Or does it effect the crank, rings and pistons? We are just having to do the new motor thing now and if the subsidies are going to be withdrawn maybe we have to just bite it and go with gasoline for the other motor?

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    Question Any help ?

    Liquefied petroleum gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Usage in vehicles

    Main article: Autogas
    There are two downsides. Firstly it has a lower energy density than either petrol or diesel, so the equivalent fuel consumption is higher, but since many governments impose less tax, it is still usually more cost effective. Secondly, some designs of internal combustion engine require the lubrication of petrol or diesel with lead or lead substitute, and LPG's lack thereof can damage valves or shorten their life. Scrool; down Click on valves on the link LPG's lack thereof can damage valves or shorten their life.


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