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    Default Not So Smart: Stinky Home Security Boxes

    A word to the wise. The home we purchased has built-in security boxes. Great - we thought - those critical items are locked away, safe and secure within our own home environment. Recently it was necessary to retrieve an item from one of those security boxes and, much to our dismay, we found that the contents stink and the paper items smell as if they could use a good "laundering." Problem: moisture/mold/no air flow. So in spite of good intentions, we have decided, upon the recommendation of friends, to rent a safe deposit box within a vault at Banker Trust in Sosua. My prized watch may never run again, but, at least at Banker Trust our possessions will be secure and will not smell musty. (Just another tip to make island living more tolerable!)

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    simple solution. Use silica gel (the stuff they pack in most electrical goods)

    place a bag or a tray of gel in the safe and remember to remove every few weeks to dry the gel in the oven then replace again.
    The problem can be made worse if you have the safe box in a room you use AC in.
    Documents shluod be placed in a sealed plastic wallet to help protect them too.


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