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    Default help for a 2 yr old needed

    i just got a message from an orphanage i regular sponsor. they have a two year old boy with a serious health problem of a congenial heart disease called Patent Ductus Arteriosus
    the good news is it is operable but at a cost of $4500 us which they do not have and are requesting help.
    to be honest this boy and the orphanage is in Ghana, not dr however i hope some of the good people who also like me support the dr will reach out and help.
    the dr is a poor country but ghana is very poor also with no tourist to help.

    anyway there it is, if anyone would consider helping, feel free to contact me
    thank you

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    I'm afraid that as this is not DR-related, it doesn't belong here. However, forum members are welcome to contact you with offers of support.


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