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    Question Doing online college courses while living in the DR; Possible?

    Let's say that I love the DR too much, enough to not want to stay in the USA, but want to get a college degree and be productive during my stay in the DR for 4 months (a Semester), what are my options as far as accumulating college credits?
    I speak English and Habla "Puquito" Spanish.
    Would it work out, if I was to attend full time online college courses, using my hometown community college online courses option, enough to get at least 12 college credits for the semester while living in the DR, using the internet computer station?
    Let's say that the location in the DR I wanted to stay in would be in the North Coast, located in Puerto Plata, Sosua or Cabarete spectrum.
    This would work out as an attempt to balance the element of relaxation, but at the same time, being productive and getting all of the required college courses done.
    Anybody out there with experience, as far as getting an online degree living in the DR, away form the states? Possible, realistic goal?
    Thanks all in advance.

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    Yes it's possible to do an entire degree online from anywhere in the world with Athabasca University in Canada. I have a colleague at work doing one and it looks like the fees are the same for both Canadian and International students.

    Athabasca University - Prospective Students

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    That's what the internet is for. All you need is the money to pay for the courses and a good hookup...


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    what would the degree course be in ? some are more suited to doing on line than others

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    Sometimes online University courses require you to complete a written final exam at a few specific locations, so you would have to make sure that the courses you are taking for school don't require you to write a final exam at the actual university campus or another location.

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