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Thank you for your observation Chip, I DID go back & check just to ensure my memory on what I posted was not in error.

I think in your desire to become proficient in Spanish (HIGHLY laudable & something I admire in ANY Ex-Pat), you have probably forgotten a few basics of English.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think my post indicated
"Never get USED to"!! That differs (according to all dictionaries I have checked with) greatly from "NEVER ACCEPT" or "WILL NOT ACCEPT", or "NOT ACCEPTABLE TO AMERICANS".

Most men never get used to the logic of women but CAN accept it in the women they love. If you DON'T ACCEPT the way a woman thinks &/or acts, how can you accept the woman??

Likewise, MOST women never get used to why grown men like us chase a little white ball round a golf course ...... but if they ACCEPT US, they accept that we get some form of pleasure from it!!

Do you now see the difference?

The alternative scenario to this misunderstanding is that you deliberately misread or misinterpreted for effect & convenience. I am SURE you wouldn't do that ........ would you?

Now - back to President Leonel & his aspiring International position/legacy!! ~ Grahame.
A very positive post indeed. FYI, I love this country and the people inspite of it's faults, just like I do my native one. There is a saying here in the DR, "ningun lugar es completo".