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Thread: In transit, Madrid

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    Default In transit, Madrid

    Hey all,

    Thanks for everyone's great help with the visa info. We are very happy and grateful!

    One question. If a Dominican is travelling to the UK and is in transit in Madrid (flying with Iberia, for example), do they need a visa? I know that they don't for France, but just wondered if the rules were different in this case.

    Thank you!

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    Last time I went through Madrid with my Dominican husband I passed through transit normally but he and the kids were held in a special area and then taken to the plane to board for London. You have to pass passport control as you change from one terminal to another and as they did not have Schengen visas they could not do this. But it was no problem - they were just taken another route to the plane. This was nearly 2 years ago so I do not know if the rules have changed. The times before then the transit passengers did not go through passport control so we could all stay together and transit normally


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    Default Shengen visas

    Last time I traveled to the UK with mi novia via Madrid, she needed a Shengen visa even though she already had a visa for UK. She had to apply for a Shengen visa through the Spanish Embassy/consulate as UK is not a Shengen country and Shengen rules state you must have a valid visa for your country of entry into Shengen territory even if you are in transit to a non-Shengen destination.

    Again this was a year or so ago and things might have changed.

    The Spanish Embassy required visa applications to be filed at least two, preferably four months before the travel date. Standard procedure was filing an application, then filling out an questionnaire about the same size and weight of the SD telephone directory, attaching forms from the Applicant's bank, detailing all transactions for years past (not just a current statement), a letter from Applicant's DR employer confirming their employment, attaching copies of payslips for at least the two previous years and stating that the job/ position is held pending Applicant's return, invitation from a registered commercial institution in Shengenland, evidence of property ownership in the DR such as certified and legalised copies of property deeds and titles, mortgage contract, and the rest of a seemingly endless list. After filing the application a date will be fixed for an interview with a consular official, usually about six to eight weeks hence when the Applicant will be told if the application is accepted or rejected. If accepted and providing that Applicant passes the interview, the visa would be issued about two to four weeks later.

    I managed to shorten the above procedure by persuading with difficulty, a friend who was then consular secretary at a different and incidentally non-Shengen and non-European embassy here in SD, to intervene on our behalf withy the Spanairds. My friend was reluctant at first, fearing that he would have to reciprocate, but eventually he agreed and the process was shortened to about two weeks. The Brits categorically refused to assist even though the purpose of the visit was a conference arranged by a famous British commercial institution for whose local representative mi novia worked.

    Why don't you fly via the States? Silly question - there is no visa waiver for Dominicanos and getting a US visa is probably more difficult than for Shengenland.

    Good Luck!!


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    No Visa is needed if youre just in Transit and Not leaving the Airport

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    Default do not need vis if you do not need airport

    National Dominican Republic (DO)/Transit Spain (ES)
    Destination United Kingdom (Great Britain) (GB)

    Spain (ES)

    TWOV (Transit Without Visa):
    Visa required, except for Those continuing their journey to a
    third country without leaving the airport transit area and
    - arriving and departing from/to a non-Schengen country; and
    - holding tickets with confirmed onward reservations; and
    - all required documents for next destination.
    - Passengers may be requested to show visible means of support
    covering their stay (EUR 62.40, per day of stay with a
    minimum of EUR 561.60, or equivalent in other freely
    convertible currency), onward or return tickets and
    documents required for their next destination.
    - Non-compliance with entry/transit regulations may result in
    fines between EUR 6.025.-, and EUR 60.240.-.

    United Kingdom (Great Britain) (GB)

    Passport required.
    - Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
    for the period of intended stay.

    Visa required.

    - When their names are registered in the passport of (one of)
    their parents or guardians, For details, click here
    - Children must also comply with the entry or transit
    regulations. For details, click here
    Additional Information:
    - Flights between the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands,
    Ireland (Rep. of) and Isle of Man are treated as domestic
    flights, therefore are not subject to UK immigration
    - There is no passport control on traffic between "Great
    Britain & Northern Ireland" and "Ireland (Rep. of)".
    For details, click here
    - Non-compliance with entry/transit requirements (incl. forged
    documents) For details, click here


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