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    Hi Kath. Sorry to intrude on your conversation with Maddy, but we are going to stay at the Coral Costa Caribe the end of February, and wondered about it. Glad to hear it has recovered. It sounds as though you had a nice time, and we anticipate the same. Is there snorkeling right off the beach in front of the hotel? I saw something that there was a coral reef right there. Also, we did not book "ocean front" rooms - are there non ocean front rooms in the complex right on the beach, or are all of the non ocean front rooms across the street in that complex. We might reconsider in order to have rooms in the complex closest to the beach. Thanks for any info.


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    Happy New Year Bill!

    I'm so jealous of you! I'm back in work after being in the DR and I miss it! i can't wait to return. Answers to your questions: There is diving etc. off the beach at the resort. They have a diving team too. The hotel is in 2 sections. The complex next to the beach has some rooms which do not face the beach. You can always ask to change and the staff will do their best to help if there is a problem. I was in a room which overlooked the viewof the kids club! But even that was nice and quiet, no beach but it really didn't matter. Anymore questions just ask. It's great to think about it again! Brightens my day!



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