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    My husband and I are travelling to Punta Cana (Iberostar Bavaro Resort) at the end of Jan. We are bringing our 10 month old son. Can we get Homogenized milk in Punta Cana? If we can, is it safe.

    Any other hints for travelling to the D.R. with an infant would be appreciated.

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    DR One

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    Remembering from my old days of traveling with babies, it is best to bring supplies for four days. You can get Parmalat, Nestlé and Rica milk that are pasteurized and homogenized for sure at the Punta Cana area mall. They all have very high quality standards. Depending on your hotel, this could be a US$10-US$15 taxi ride away, though. Another option is to bring powdered milk.

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    Susan Teltscher

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    Leslee, we just got back from the DR (Cabarete) where we stayed 2 weeks with our 19 months old daughter. She enjoyed it a lot (so did we)! We took powdered milk (mainly for the vitamines) and used bottled water. However, you can get homogenized milk there which is safe, our friends gave it every day to their two little kids with no problems. Bring something against the mosquito bites. Pampers are also available (expensive). No baby car seats in case you want to drive around. A hat and sunscreen. Have lots of fun! Susan


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