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    Question Cheap accommodation short term Punta Cana


    Does anybody know any cheap places to stay for a couple of nights in Punta Cana just to have some time to look for something long term? The thing is I'm coming to PUJ at 15.30, have no accommodation sorted yet and I dont think I will have time to make decision where I want to stay for the next 3-6months so I was thinking about staying somewhere for the first, let's say 3 nights to have time to look for sth.
    Coud you also tell me what do they consider as long term? Is it over 6 months?
    I've read some posts and you're saying that usualy 3 months rent deposit is required plus a payment for the first month's rent. Is that true?
    Do you have any advice on arranging a contract for a rent? What should I be cautious with and what should I include in a contract? I'm asking because some of you wrote that they are quite cheeky and it's almost impossible to get deposit back, it's better to give 3 months' notice and than ust live for the depositwe've paid at first. What should be careful with?
    Any suggestions of where to look?

    I will be very grateful for your replies.

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    a bit of last minute moving?
    ha ha
    i would say upon arrival at the PUJ airport grab a cabby and let him bring you to the Cortecito Inn in El Cortecito.
    they rent clean rooms with breakfast by the pool included for 50-60 US$ per night per room.
    it is located nice central, so you can move around and check out the rentals you are looking for.
    deposit requirements and minimum rental times vary between the different rentals all the way from 1-3 months deposits. some rent you a furniched appt on monthly bases, some want a minimum of 3 months, the better rates for a so named long term rental you will get when renting at least a min of 6 months. it is usual that you loose part of your deposit when moving out prior to that set rental time, b/c short term rents are higher than the monthly rent for the same property on long term of course.
    so once down here check out spots like Apartamentos Mar Tropical, Los Corales, Pueblo Bavaro aso, there are many around for mid and long term rentals, like you are arriving today i guess you have a list of places which you want to check out during the next 2-3 days.
    good luck

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