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Thread: Lawyer, recommendation needed

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    Phillip Bertrand

    Default Lawyer, recommendation needed

    After reading DR1 for a long time I see the need for a section where we can go for recommendation regarding lawyers in the DR. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in the Sosua area that has proven himself helpful and honest?

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    DR One

    Default I suggest you take a look here...

    or contact Fabio J. Guzmán e-mail: [email protected]

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    Phillip Bertrand

    Default Re: I suggest you take a look here...

    Yes, but just as my site is what I wish to show the world, so is each site on the web. The resort reviews provide a personal experience good or bad that I can make a choice. With a lot of profesionals it is hard to track down the bad apples. I am looking for personal references, just as I expect my custemers to want a personal account of their rides.

    I am aware of some of the pitfalls but how can you track down dishonest or poor performance


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    Al Waggoner

    Default Re: I suggest you take a look here...

    I have used the services of Fabio Guzman as an attorney in the DR for the last eight years and have been quite satisfied. I have found him to be honest and competent. Although my requirements have been primarily in the area of real estate, he has satisfactorily handled criminal cases for people of my acquaintance as well. He is well educated in Canada, the US and the DR and is fluent in at least 3 languages.

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    Gary & Christine

    Default Re: I suggest you take a look here...

    We also use Fabio Guzman. He was recommended to us by a friend, and several acquaintances also gave him good recommendations. We trust his advice and have retained him to handle several matters for us. You WILL be pleased with his service. His office is on the 3rd floor of the REMAX building in Sosua. E-Mail address is [email protected]

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    Jack Wampler

    Default Re: Lawyer, recommendation needed

    I highly recommend Fabio Guzman. He has been helpful to me and I can attest to his ability. He has his own web site and often reads the message board here. You can easily find his web site by doing a search of dr1 or entering his name in one of the search engines.

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    Default Fabio Guzman

    Actually he just responded today to "Re: not visa/residence" message. He also gave the link to his companies website at


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