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    Default Customs help......

    My first time dealing with these guys and am wondering if I can get a little insight?

    My wife shipped our stuff here (Furniture, electro-domestics, etc) and according to the Dominican Embassy we would only have to pay a nominal tax (?) here in Santo Domingo to get our stuff out and they stressed to absolutely not pay anyone else. I knew 'Customs Agents' would try to see there way into our pockets though so it's not complete shock.

    The tax (I think it's a tax?) is $129, so that sounds about right.

    Now, the 'Customs Agent' is allegedly a friend of her aunt who's a somebody here. My question is this.....Is RD 23,000 a reasonable price to pay (15,000 to the Customs Agent, 8,000 to grease palms.)? I don't know the market so it might be a great price or a complete ripoff.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it's for a full container, you are getting off incredibly cheap.


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