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Thread: Budget Apartment / Studio wanted

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    Default Budget Apartment / Studio wanted

    Hello All :
    I am arriving S D about April 30. I am single so all I want is a 1 brm or studio in a quiet and secure area but with 24 hour electricity, aircon. and good internet. Since I have never been to SD I have no idea of suburb names. I work online for most of the morning then am free. I had gained the impression last year from various areas here in DR1 that I should get accomodation for 250 - 300 US$ / month no problem. If this is not accurate for SD, I am happy to live in any other DR location that provides the above.

    It would be nice to have access to either the sea or even better a largish freshwater lake or flat river as I will paddle a kayak. I am experienced in flat water marathon, sea kayaking and white water but have been out of all for a few years. DR in one way or another will provide me such pastime. Is there much in the way of sharks around the coast ? We have had a spate of attacks here this year. I don't want to argue with those guys.

    I will be applying for citizenship immediately I am satisfied I can live there, so rental is longer term. Probably 2 years. Then I may buy. I have very nice property of my own in Australia so guarantee full care and no damage and can pay, say quarterly, in advance.

    Two other issues I would appreciate advice on. Can I easily find a nice lady who can provide an evening meal for vegan/vegetarian.

    What is with the dengue fever I see someone complaining about ? I assume there are some western trained medics who can give me the right shots for the locale. Are there any real health issues in DR ? I am primarily a Kiwi / Aussie but have lived in China and Thailand without any issues. My present wife is Chinese, albeit now Australian.
    Appreciate all helpfull comments.

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    First there is barely a place in the Dominican Republic with 24 hour electric and a/c. Internet all you want. Computer usage yes with a power inverter.

    You keep writing SD - so can I assume you are planning on staying in the Capital? If so a decent apartment in a secure area even a 1 bedroom will run you about $500 US.

    Dengue Fever is caused by an infected mosquito, no shot for this. I got Dengue fever in summer of 2007 but then again it depends on your immune system.

    Beautiful beaches but some of the waters are rough. You have to do your research once you are here. Some of the waters are treacherous and very deep even along the coast. Sharks, yes but in the 11 years I have been living here have not heard of a shark attack on a beach.

    Sea Urchins, starfish and jelly fish a plenty on the shore depending on the season, need water shoes. Don't know of any lakes, rivers are small not for kayaking.

    Good Luck


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