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    I was wondering, is it possible to request a visa from the Dominican Government for a person who is living in the Dominican Republic to visit the states? if so, who would i have to contact and what would the process be? Thanks for your help in advance...

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    Default Visa to the U.S.A.


    This particular subject has been covered, re-covered and covered again in almost every permutation imaginable. You will need to search the archives for the situation that most closely resembles your circumstance. Good luck in your endeavor.

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    Keith, I did check the Archives and found nothing. If there is anyone out there who is able to help, it would be greatly apperciated.

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    If you are looking for a Visa to the US you have to go through the US embassy in Santo Domingo, not the Dominican Government.

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    Dee DeMusis

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    One more addendum-- the embassy is very VERY sparing in the amount of visas they give. This embassy seems particularly intent on making it as difficult as possible for DR people to come here.

    For whatever reason-- known only to God, the CIA and Dept. of State, citizens of the nation to the west on the island have a kind of preference that Dominicans don't have. This is NOT a biased statement-- it's an observable fact.

    Be VERY persistent and tell them the "right thing." Then they MAY hear you.


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