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    Default Robin, check out post below...

    that says "Need info on Sosua" or something like that. I posted wanting to know about hopping on a local bus at the Playa Dorada complex and going to Sosua. We too, are staying at an all-inclusive for the last 2 weeks of Feb. Two other couples are sort of travelling with us. I know my husband and I will love Sosua, so I'm trying to get some info so that I can plan a day trip for us, early in the first week as I'm sure we'll want to go again for a day during the second week. Anyway, read those posts, Richard gave me some wonderful info, as did Chicacago Chris and others. By the way, where are you staying, and where are you coming from? Regards, Karina (Ontario, Canada)

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    Default Richard, name of restaraunt?


    What are the names of the two very "fancy" looking restaraunts in Sosua that are designed like Italian Castles? I think one was the Marco Pooloo club and one was La Punilla? I rember eatint at the one that was not the MP Club about 4 years ago, we had little alcoves with private tables overlooking the breaking sea, strolling waiters with violins etc., it was really nice. I don't recall the prices as it was "comped" by the casino in Sosua.

    One of the things I recall is someone sating it was the former home of a US Consul in the area, the streest were all dug up appearing that sewage pipes were being installed. It was a 10 min walk or so from "Dowtown" and I'm pretty "sure" it was on the same side as Waterfront.



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    Default Re: Robin, check out post below...

    Thanks for the info. We are staying at the Caribbean Village Club on the Green.12/4-12/11. We are coming from Connecticut,USA

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    Default Re: Richard, name of restaraunt?

    Check out link.

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    Default Thanks Eddy

    Thanks Eddy, thats the place. I think we sort of walked around the hotel lobby on the outside, so the hotel didn't stick in my memory.

    How come we never hear anything about this place; is it a strictly "event" only rental or do people book nightly rooms?

    Thanks again


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