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    Dr. Jim Kahl

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    I was just down there and the courses are in excellent shape, however you can see areas of devistation on the course with regards to the homes. hope you have a great time down there and the weather is good. If you want to ask me anything else please feel free to

    Harold Kahl

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    Will be visiting Casa de Campo at the end of January and have heard that repairs to the resort are progressing well, but I was wondering if anyone had any info specifically about the condition of the two golf courses at the resort (as this was the main reason for our trip!). Thanks for any updates!

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    Marcia Kaplin

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    Also just came back.........we have a villa there on the 9th hole of the Links course. The course are absolutely fine......the teeth is better than ever as they only just recently let it be used. The Links we played on in November. As Jum Kahl said the damage you see is to the homes....most have already be repaired. You will have a wonderful time......e-mail me back if you have any questions even about dinner plans and so forth. Safe trip.........Hasta la vista......Marcia


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