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Thread: Computer Expert seeks a job in the Dominican Republic

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    Default Computer Expert seeks a job in the Dominican Republic


    Iam seeking a job in the Dominican Republic. Iam 19 years old, solved a good school, and now I work in Austria/Europe at a Internet Service Provider. There I make Homepages, Internet-databases, digital video cutting, and INTERNET TV try So I think I am a computer expert with good skills, and I am sure, if I would be a worker in the Dominican Republic, I could really help there.

    Please give YOUE me some Information,

    Buchsbaum Franz

    [email protected]

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    DR One

    Default I suggest you spend some time here....

    Do you speak Spanish? Are you willing to accept a cut in pay? The going rate for an Internet techie is between 10,000 - 25,000 pesos per month, I don't know of anyone earning more.

    The bottom line... Most jobs are found here by networking and speaking to people, hence you should spend some time here making contacts etc.



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