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    Default Recognition, recognition, Great Lord, recognition at last!

    With humble apologies to the great MLK, at long last Aventura has been recognized as a musical force in the New York yuppie press:

    While a lot of people in Dominican society say that this is low-class music, it is catchy and now, just might be on the edge of a major break-through.

    Well done, Anthony and your crew...


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    We all love Aventura in my family, thanks for the link HB! Nice that they included the click-it link to one of their songs on the page. They're huge in the US, filled Madison Square Garden in Manhattan a year or so back - it was filmed by MTV, I've seen it a couple of times and enjoy it each time. Our son loves Bachata, my husband used to look down at it as being low-class (he's a big merengue fan), but groups like Aventura are turning him around. About 2-3 years ago they were playing very small venues, our son saw them in a local club just outside of Atlantic City - how times have changed! Anthony Santos is quite the showman too...


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