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    Do Americans need a Visa to get into the Dominican?

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    I did not need a Visa when I went to DR for one month. It depends on how long you plan on staying and if you intend on working there. For a short period of time just bring passport and airline ticket.

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    are you encouraging the peoplle to come
    and work ilegally in this country?

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    You'll want to bring your passport and purchase a Tourist Card at the airport before you leave the states for $10US. You'll also pay $10US Exit Fee at the airport before you leave the DR. Working there is another issue. I have no information on that end. ~Sarah

    Of course, this assumes you are American. If you're coming to the DR from another country, there may be different requirements. The airline where you purchase your ticket can give you all the up-to-date details.

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    I am from India, & I will require a visa to enter the DR. but as we do not have a DR embassy in India, how do I get a visa ? Or is the tourist card available on arrival in the DR applicable for all visitors ? Does anyone know which embassy would be looking after the Dr interests in India. Any info. would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Actually, it would probably be a good idea. Then they might be able to hire someone, unlike yourself, who can manage to spell "immigration", "illegally", and "people".

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    godd work
    that is imformations
    that was diplomatic-respecfull
    for the Dominicans auroritys

    the Dominican Republic
    have ambasys in europe-north america-latin america
    if someone like to come to work in this country
    they should folow the sames steps
    as the dominicans have to follow to go to those mentioned country
    for those whos does not have a dominican embasy in they respective country
    it would be better for them to firts look at this


    and then after they can ask for asistence

    and for newbie
    would you like to come by at oure office?
    we are sure that ther is a lots you could teach us
    and for sure nothings that we could teach you
    starting with
    ther is a time to tallk and other to listen......
    but I dont have to tell you that since you all rady knows it dont you?

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    Default immigration

    Tengo informaciones muy buenas para ustedes.


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