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    Default Da Vinci School and De La Salle


    We live in Santiago in Gurabo. I am thinking about transferring my son from Holy Trinity Bilingual School to another bilingual school in Santiago.

    Does anybody have any information in regards to registration and tuitions fees for both:

    1) Da Vinci School
    2) De La Salle

    Are these two schools bilingual?

    Are there any other bilingual schools in Santiago, apart from New Horizon and Santiago Christian School?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Neither of the schools are bilingual. I have a friend who teaches English at La Salle and used to teach at Santiago Christian School. She says that La Salle is an excellent school. They have a good academic program (in Spanish) and have advanced English (as a second language) classes. Everyone I speak to really likes La Salle. I havenīt heard much about Da Vinci other than itīs good but very expensive.
    As for other bilingual schools, the only one I know of is St. David. Colegio Dominicano now calls themselves bilingual, you may want to look into that.
    I used to teach at one of the schools mentioned and currently teach at PUCMM so Iīve researched a lot of schools here for my 2 young kids. If you want more info feel free to PM.

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    lasalle is a good school - good luck getting in though


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