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    Richard Armstrong

    Default Psychiatric Hospitals and schools for mentally dis

    We represent a Dominican citizen on a legal matter in New York City. The young man was hopitalized for a psychiatric illness in or around Santo Domingo when he was 11 or 12 (10 years ago). We are trying to find his records. He does not remember the name of the hospital and his family has been uncooperative. Does anyone know of hospitals that may fit the above description. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    He also remembers being sent to a school for learning disabled kids in San Francisco de Macoris. We would like those records as well. Any ideas?

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    Angela Aracena

    Default Re: Psychiatric Hospitals and schools for mentally

    Call Blasina Fabian at the Puerto Plata Chamber of Commerce. She is the Director there. She was the founder and director of the school you mention. The only psychiatrict hospital in the Dominican Republic is "el 28" I can't remember the correct name. He might had been hospitalized in the psychiatrict ward of a general hospital. That would be more difficult. He could had also been hospitalized in a private clinic=hospital. If he went to school in San Francisco the probability is that he was hospitalized in the Arturo Grullon in Santiago if he was a child at the time or the Jose Maria Cabral y Baez also in Santiago if he was an adult. Good Luck.


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