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    Hi Dave just got back 3weeks ago ,our 1st trip to the DR.I went with a friend .We had nice time its more of a family couples resort ,we met very few singles there aand i,d say about 75% of the guests were from Britain.The food was ok aand we had a really nice room.A word of caution don,t use the hotel phones for long distance calls . Its extremly expensive and i mean extreme.Any more questions don,t hesitate to email me .

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    I went with the above gal Jane and yes we had a great time...The biggest disappointment was alot of families and couples.That was fine and we had met alot of them and all great folks..The food was good,I basically just get sick of the buffet thing,but it's quick...the drinks are great and the staff is amazing..beach was close and disco's were entertaining...the excursions are a great way to meet people and lot's of safari and catamaran trip...our room was on the 3rd floor which I recommend as alot larger and a great separate to anymore details needed give us a shout!


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