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    Thank you JC,

    The Sentinel piece, I think, shows the extent of power the "Cuban Exile Community" has garnered in the state of Florida. The Cubans in FL for the most part want to return to their homeland, free of Castro and Communism. So for the time being the activists will try to run FL as a de facto government in exile. The "Elian" ( debacle is just one example of Cubans trying to push their self serving agenda onto our government and the citizens of the United States, IMHO!


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    The following is copied from the Florida "Sun Sentinel" article:

    ". . . This is an issue of fairness, said state Rep. Rudy Garcia Jr., a Republican from Hialeah and a prominent spokesma for South Florida's 800,000 Cuban-Americans."


    "They're not bad doctors," said Dr. Juan Wester, a surgeon in Hollywood who was born in Argentina and went to medical school there. "They're probably as good as many of us. But we have always felt that as international medical graduates, we wanted to be treated exactly the same as anybody else."

    "Sun Sentinel"

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    Very interesting article JC and the comments of CES are well taken. Yes, they (Cuban/American exiles are a very vocal and politically powerful group as evidenced by the recent Elian fiasco. But I think both of you have overlooked something even more important possibly because it could affect you personally. WHY do 40-50% of graduates of Foreign Medical Schools fail the United States Medical Licensing Exam at 4 to 5 times the rate of American graduates? WHY did 250 of 260 foreign medical graduate candidates FAIL a SPECIAL LICENSING EXAM PREPARED ESPECIALLY FOR THIS GROUP. And in November, after the exam was translated into Spanish, WHY did 79 out of 87 candidates FAIL? The Cuban/American lobby say the Florida Medical Association and the American Medical Association want to restrict competition for patients and exert unfair influence over the State Health Department and its Board of Medicine, which administers the exam. A resounding NO! Foreign graduates MUST pass the same exams that we require U.S. graduates to pass. It is definitely neutral. And I have further information on off shore foreign medical education that would/will chill your spine if interested.


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