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    Chicky Chappell

    Default God Bless the DR to-day !

    With the election for a new President to-day, I sincerely hope that whoever wins will be for the people. Not to sell off this beautiful island to others but keep it for the Dominicans. To increase the educational standards, for the youth of to-day are the futures of the to-morrows. Help the poor, solve the electricity and water problems. Let the people know you care about them, after all they are the ones that have voted you into the office that you now hold. Congratulations and may God guide you for the next four years.

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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    Does anyone know what happened today, with the election?

    Good or Bad, I am very curious?


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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    Nothing yet but the country is very calm.... We are growing when it comes to that crap...

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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    No news or rhumors as of yet. North coast, at least Sosua is very quiet. Check back around 21:00 hrs. local.

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    Thanks for you blesing chicky Chappell

    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    thanks Chicky

    if you are not a dominican, me and my friends we wellcome you to stay in this country if you are not living in it yet
    if you are her then thanks for been part of us
    we need foreigner like you with good intentions
    and with a positive position like yours

    (for the others)

    the country are quiete
    and no matter whos win
    the country will be quiete peacefull
    for a other 4 years

    the industrys will keep up
    and oure systeme will keep building it self stronger more then ever

    for those whos would like to see us perhaps in a bad political caos,that they can come and gett a part of the tresore
    I have bad news for you
    we are stronger then ever as country ,as nation and we had been learning that we have to live together no matter oure political orientations
    so mi sujestions for those whos are waiting to gett advantage from oure desorder nake you self rady
    you may have to look for somes others banana island
    enough is enough.......................
    we have enough good dominicans and good foreigner to keep this country as he have to be
    with out probleme
    concerning the others peoplle
    hasta nunca .............

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    A Gringo in Puerto Plata

    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    No News yet!...In fact very calm here in Puerto Plata, there are very few cars out tonight on the streets!....7:45PM Every one must be watching the tube...

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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    Does anyone know the result of the elections yet ?

    Alguien sabe el resultado de las elecciones ?

    Thanks. Gracias.

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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    No news as of 8:30 pm and the news from the TV stations say around midnight they results should be known.

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    Default Re: God Bless the DR to-day !

    I have been visiting the D.R. for 10 years and living in the D.R. 6 months a year for the last two years. God bless you , mi amor, you are my second home. Whoever wins this election has a very tough act to follow, in one specific aspect; corruption in all areas of government. The previous administration made an enormous effort to reduce government corruption at all levels of government. Considering the history and roots of the country, this is a very formidable task, as every Dominican who has ever dealt with virtually any gov. agency will tell you.

    But great strides have been made and I hope the momentum contines. Watching my beloved DR evolve into a stable democracy is very heart warming. Long live the DR !!!( and the Bachata too)


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