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    Default Purchase of a motor scooter or bike

    I will be moving to the Punta Cana area and would like to get a motor scooter or motor bike. Can someone recommend a specific brand and where might the best place be to purchase one.

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    Iam not sure in PC were 2 bye but what i did was buy a busted up Yamaha115 10.000pesos, find a good mechanic easy to do ask around everyone will know who the best one is. He will strip the bike down paint (1000) he will them take you to buy all the accesories about 20000.pesos everything new and then about 3000. labor and youll get a bike for about us 1000 dollars if you pay new you will have to pay about 90000 pesos maybe more

    PM me and ill send u pic of the bike so u can c cant figure out how to attach a pic

    Good luck SY
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