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Thread: 35 DAYS TO GO,AY :o)

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    Gee, its only -35 here today. Why would I want to leave? :O) Don`t hate yourself in the morning, sleep till noon!!!!! :O) 35 days to Paradise, the beach club that is. Remember the song, " and we`ll have fun, fun, fun, etc " the Beach Boys. Youre right, I cant even sing on here, much less the pool bar, But what the heck, ay. :O)

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    Yeh. Way to go Gage. Your the best. You sound like a real party animal. you. We will be there the same time as you. Looking forward to meeting you both and your wives. :O) See ya. Paradise.

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    we'll be there before you so we'll check out all the good spots! Hurricane bill is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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