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    Holly, Lisa, Tomma

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    Hi, We are getting ready to make plans to go to DR. We are stuck between the Gran Ventana and Riu Merengue. Does anyone have any suggestions on which resort is better? There are 3 of us going, we are 25-28yrs. We appreciate the 5 star rating of both resorts, we just would like to know which is nicer.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I was at the Gran Ventana last year in February and I HIGHLY recommend this hotel, I walk all the Playa Doroda and I found this is the best Hotel on the site. It really a 5 star. Rooms are clean, food is excellent and in quantity, various and very well presented. The A la Carte restaurant is a 5 star also, try it ( Reservation needed ). When I was there, a guy from Santiago came to sell and make cigar at the Hotel. I bought boxes for 20$us for 10 ( Very good prices for hand mades fresh cigar ) The pool is nice and big with a bar. I enjoyed also the adventure to go by ouaoua ( local bus ) to Puerto Plata city where is a lot cheaper. I don't know about the Riu Merengue but I heard got thing about this hotel and I'm going myself to a RIU hotel ( Melao ) in Punta Cana in two weeks. Enjoy DR

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    We were at Gran Vantan last February - had a great time - clean, food was great and good variety, staff friendly. Would definitely go back

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    We just got back from Puerto Plata. We stayed at Riu Merengue and just loved it. Don't remember seeing Gran Ventana but we did spend some time at the Playa Dorada Complex where Gran Ventana is located. Riu Merengue is about 5 miles out of town and is much more secluded than Gran Ventana. The Playa Dorada Complex has a dozen or more hotels there sharing the beach. For me I like having a private beach and being out away from the city, but to get anywhere from Riu Merengue can get a little costly with the cab fare.


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