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Thread: Travel from Pueto Rico

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    gayle schultes

    Default Travel from Pueto Rico

    I am looking for confirmation regarding the ferry from Puerto Rico to the DR: as to cost, frequency, can your rent a vehicle in Puerto Rico, take the ferry and drive in the DR? Also looking for reasonable shipping from Miami to Santo Domingo via ship, not air because of cost. Any phone #s, company names would be very much appreciated. Gayle Schultes, Kids International: email: [email protected]

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    DR One

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    You have to show ownership of vehicle to bring it to the DR.

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    Jesse Sleeper

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    I spoke with the ferry a couple of weeks ago and the fare was $50 US one way and $90 US round trip.

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    Bill MacDonald

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    While in DR I was planning a short excursion to Puerto Rico; are there any cheaper options???

    Thanks for the info posted! Bill


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