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    Default Internet - Ground Breaking Event (photos)

    The DR pretty much has no internet networking community, so last night an event was held, driven by Adrian (adrianb) of MeetInovators with the support of Diario Libre, DR1 and ROCKRD.

    Some of the biggest players in the industry attended and hopefully it's a first step in getting a serious internet related networking community up and running here.

    I'm sure some of you will recognize some of the names on the list.
    They ranged from the editor of Diario Libre to one one of the biggest Facebook app developes in the world. We also had the head of electronic crimes division from the Policia Nacional, to the director of marketing at Codetel.

    Adriano Tejada - Diario Libre
    José Rafael Vargas - INDOTEL
    Ivko Maksimovic - Facebook apps
    Frederick Emam-Zade - Funglode
    Gral. Claudio Peguero - Fundador DICAT
    Augusto Romano - Comunique*
    Thomas Oronti - Nearshore
    Fabricio Cabrera - Unibe
    Adrian Bye - MeetInnovators
    Arturo Lopez Valerio - Numericit
    Carlos Miranda Levy -*
    Rosendo Alvarez - Fundador de Innov-e
    Marcos Troncoso - Mercofac
    Felipe Pagés - Publicitaria Pagés
    Alvaro Nadal - NAP del Caribe
    Gerty Valerio - Codetel
    Carlos Coll - Super Carros & Super Casas
    Eddy Martinez - Cyberpark (CEIRD)
    Mite Nishio - Orange

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    Glad to see that people are still meeting each other, the very first internet comunity meeting was held early of 1996 at Hotel Matun of Santiago City, at that time, only few account was available, and internet access was virtually free: one login account can be used for multiple access via dial-in... we where using IRC channel #santiago.

    In dominican, Internet where introduced several years before the rest of America, Codetel made this possible.

    Boy at that time now is father of family, sometime next year we should meet again, just to remember those 486 + 9600 modem + IRC days.
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