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    BAYAHIBE RESORTS,Club Dominicus, and AMHASA CASA DEL MAR, Casa de Campo and the area around. Is everything OK after the hurricane?

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    All is well here in the La Romana area and open for business.

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    diane frazier

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    I am going to club dominicus, jan 23, from boston with wife and 16 yr. old son, I have read a lot of great reviews on the club dominicus, 5 star etc; and the cons about very few americans or american speaking guests, but you will find this thruout the D. R. it really dosnt make the vacation any less exciting, possibly makes it more exciting, knowing this , what matters is that the resort personell do speak english . and to communicate with the german and spanish speaking guests, all you need is to know is only a few words to be courteous, which you can learn right on the internet, the talking phrases dr site, is good for spanish, and for italian words and phrases sites like this is more than enough spanish or Italian than you will need . you can go to any caribbean island and find americans, this makes the d.r. unique, for now anyway! also if you are interested in transportation, we have directly contacted turinter tours to provide ground transportation round trip from the airport in santa domingo, about an hour and a half ride, + fax # 809-688-3890 we chose this bus ride due to the fact that most flights dont fly into la romana except from puerto rico, by smaller planes ,american eagle etc; and with the connection times, driving by bus still gets us in earlier. I will post my own personel review and rating of the service food, beach, pool, rooms, tours,and comments on the club dominicus, when i return, ANYONE ELSE PLANNING A TRIP TO CLUB DOMINICUS FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME,PLEASE

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    Jesse Sleeper

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    I couldn't even tell there was a hurricane.


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