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    Brenda Vaughan

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    Hi, My husband is going to Punta Cana to work for three months and I'm very curious as to what the Income Tax rate is in the Dominican Republic. Thanks. Brenda

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    DR One

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    Depends on the character of his job and the type of contract he signed. If he is a consultant, he will probably be deducted 10% from his pay check.

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    Fabio J. Guzman

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    For individuals: income below RD$90,720.00 pesos per annum is exempt from income tax; from RD$90,720.01 to RD$151,200.00 pesos, the tax rate is 15%; from RD$151.200.01 to RD$226,800.00 pesos, increases to 20%; above RD$226,800.01 pesos pays 25%. These tax brackets are adjusted for inflation every year in January. The 1999 adjustment should be announced this week.

    For corporations: flat tax of 25% of net income. There is no double taxation on dividends received by shareholders.

    The Dominican Tax Code, enacted in 1992, is a simple and straightforward legal instrument from which some First World countries could learn.


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