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    I am searching for a lawyer who can help me bring my girlfriend into the US from DR. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Warren

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    Fabio J. Guzman

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    Obtaining a U.S. visa for a Dominican national is a matter which pertains to U.S. immigration law and not to Dominican immigration law. Therefore, it should be handled by a U.S. immigration attorney not by a Dominican attorney. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good U.S. immigration attorney who can handle this matter? Does anybody know of a case in the D.R. when the involvement of an immigration attorney has helped?

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    I am not an expert in these matters, but I have observed that Dominican girls from rich and promininent families get visitor visas quickly, and girls from poor families don't get them at all. Are you planning to bring your girlfriend in as a visitor or as an immigrant?

    A student visa might be an alternative if she doesn't plan to work in the US. Marriage is another alternative.

    Your government's concern is ending up with yet another illegal immigrant on their hands. Rich girls rarely go illegal, poor ones often do.

    Your government will provide you with all the information you need, so don't pay a lot of money for immigration consultants who will charge those too lazy to get the info on their own. Unless you have extremely high level friends in the US government, and even then, you will probably have to go by the book.


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    Gary and Christine

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    The best vailable is Fabio Guzman. His E-mail is [email protected] He is our attorney and is very honest and fair. He will not lie to you about what it will take to get the job done

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    DR One

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    This subject has been extensively covered on this board. Suggest you do a search by visa or US visa on the message board. It will come up with lots of interesting tips and information on the subject, as well as with emails of people who have been successful or who have failed.

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    Al Waggoner

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    You will have to get an immigration attorney in the US. They advertise pretty heavily in most of the major US ports of entry such as NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, etc. Look in the yellow pages of the telephone directory or the classified section of the a newspaper. You didn't say whether this is to visit or to immigrate. I assumed that you meant immigration. She shouldn't need an attorney for a tourist visa.

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    Steven Peguero

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    Sorry, but I have done this before. It will take 16 months until she will be granted a Visa.

    The only thing that will help speed it up, is to get a Letter from your Senator. The American Consulate will give youspecial priority, but it is still slow.


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