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Thread: Azua...ideas needed please!

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    Default Azua...ideas needed please!

    Hi everyone.
    So hereīs my situation...I worked as a kids rep in an English resort in Puerto Plata for two years where I met my boyfriend. When my contract ran out then I had to return home so my company would pay my exit visa. However I only lasted 5 weeks without my boyfriend and have now returned to live in Azua with him at his familys.
    When I was working in the resort I had very little time to pick up much Spainish and not much chance to practice. So now I am looking for work and finding it hard to come up with ideas... Does anyone have any knowledge of Azua? Very different from tourist area (already new this from visits and itīs no problem for me) and Iīm not sure what I can do for work. I want to try and take the common teaching english route but not sure how to go about it here as apposed to somewhere big like SD, Puerta Plata or Sosua etc. Local english school says I need to speak Spainish which I am still in the process of doing. I have privately taught English in other countries, purely using English and had no problems. Is this not possible here? Also got two and a half years experience as a kids rep in resorts so could that help me some how? Any way I could charge for facepainting or kids parties? lol
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...I get bored doing nothing and being a stay at home girlfriend.
    Thanks for any help.....please contact me

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    Default You need an exit strategy...

    I know of some jobs in Azua, but you would need to speak professional, fluent Spanish and have a different skills set...

    You probably don't want to hear this, but I think you should be looking into employment in Santo Domingo or elsewhere, such as your country of origin. If you find a legitimate, worthwhile job in Azua, I will be VERY surprised. Do yourself a favor and leave, sooner rather than later.

    There is not a lot of money in Azua. Whatever services you may be able to offer (you mentioned facepainting/kids parties) are probably not in demand or already being covered by Dominicans who can do it for less and have been doing it for longer...Dominicans who speak Spanish and know the culture, including how to operate a such a business in this context.

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    Check with the local bilingual schools. Your novio's family will know who they are. Making RD20k a month will be a good salary.


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