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    Default Re: 32,BUT WHO`S COUNTING. :o)

    You mean to say Cervezas?...............Have a great time!!!!!

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    Default 32,BUT WHO`S COUNTING. :o)

    Just a short stint before we fly to Paradise, The Paradise Beach Club that is. Will be there from Feb.13----27. Two great weeks. Yeah, pass on the Cervaisas, mucho cervaisas, por favor, Amigo. :O)

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    Default Re: 32,BUT WHO`S COUNTING. :o)

    Yes Gage, who's counting?!?! 38 days left!! Have a cold Presidente ready for me the 20'th please!! For the moment it's very cold and snowy, so I can't wait to get there. My spanish is slowly getting better, I think. Anyone else staying at Paradise Beach club in the end of Feb.-99? Stina


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